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Rock It, Unicorn! Your Decision

So, 03.11.2019  — Fr, 08.11.2019
Connecting - queer activism and working environment, be it in education or workplace -building relations and links of those two large areas of life are the focus of this Erasmus+ project.

Rock it, Unicorn! Your Decision! – is the third exchange within this project. Twelve youth workers from Bulgaria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Rumania will evaluate the findings and results of the two youth exchanges (Rock it, Unicorn! Queer in Action, your Profession? I +II) with the aim to determine content and suggestions, which should find its way into day-to-day queer youth work. The exchange offers also the space for sharing the specific LGBTIQ* situation in the different countries, how this influences youth work and sensitize for self-care strategies.

The aim is to:
- identify common motivations to get involved in shaping the future of civil society
- general and specific learned transversal competences being involved in queer activism
- experience that different realities will lead to various strategies to solve problems
- realise the European dimension of respect for differences and safety of individuals

This Erasmus+ project "Rock it, Unicorn!" is conducted by "Wel Jong Niet Hetero" (Belgium),
"Youth LGBT Organization Deystvie" (Bulgaria), "Jugendnetzwerk Lambda" and "Jugendnetzwerk Lambda BB:" (Germany), Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Il Cassero Bologna (Italy), "Stowarzyszenie Queerowy Maj" (Polen), "Asociația ACCEPT " (Rumania), "Seta" (Finland) and Akademie Waldschlösschen (Germany). It consists of two youth exchanges and one youth workers exchange.

Co-funded by AdB (Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten)





So, 18:00 Uhr – Fr, 12:00 Uhr


Pädagogische Leitung: Mio Lindner