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FÄLLT AUS: Queers ahead! Prepare the ground! (III)

European youth workers exchange

So, 28.02.2021  — Fr, 05.03.2021
"Queers ahead!" – transition between education and work – network, resources and looking at personal strengths is the focus of this Erasmus+ project.

Queers ahead! Prepare the ground – is the third exchange within this project. Twelve youth workers from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia will evaluate the findings and results of the two youth exchanges (Queers ahead! – your chance, your future I +II) with the aim to determine content and suggestions, which should find its way into day-to-day queer youth work. The exchange offers also the space for sharing the specific LGBTIQ* situation in the different countries, how this influences youth work and sensitize for self-care strategies.

#Jugend im Waldschlösschen



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So, 13:00 Uhr – Fr, 11:00 Uhr


Pädagogische Leitung: Svetlana Shaytanova, Kim Trau