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Queer Generation: Summit of organizations for queer people of immigration decent

Seminarsprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

Fr, 28.05.2021  — So, 30.05.2021
One of the goals of the project "Raznoobrasije heißt Vielfalt" is empowerment and development of queer organizations. LSBTIQ* initiatives of people with immigration background face specific challenges, different from those local German queer organizations deal with. We are united not only by being queer but also by facing discrimination or disadvantage because of our origins, language knowledge and/or cultural differences. At the same time we interract with our native communities that sometimes do not accept our queerness. Nevertheless, we strive to find the connection points both to our local communities and the German society.

We would like to invite representatives of various queer organizations of people with immigrant decent or background as well as individual actors to exchange experiences, expertise, define common challenges and possible cooperation opportunities.

The seminar will take place in English and German.

Das Seminar im Rahmen des Modellprojektes "Разнообразие heißt Vielfalt".



20,- EUR (Gefördert durch BpB.)


Fr, 18:30 Uhr – So, 14:30 Uhr


Pädagogische Leitung: Svetlana Shaytanova

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